Expert: Historic timbers from Solomon's Temple may have become 'firewood'

Muslim Waqf sold beams carbon-dated
to 830 B.C. as scrap wood


Spanish crime wave sparked by illegals, report says

Crossing southern border from Muslim-majority northern Africa


Federal report lists email-preservation rules
Hillary ignored

'Records must be usable, unaltered, and reliably retrieved for years to come'


Al Jazeera's Holocaust-denial video no 'mistake'

Celebrated terrorist, joined KKK member in blaming 9/11 on Jews

President Trump (Pixabay)

Declassified docs will 'change everything'

Trump order 'beginning of the truth for the American people'


We need more transparency! Umm, except for that!

Exclusive: Craige McMillan hopes accountability will follow Barr's declassification project

Broken flag

The war on Trump is a war on America

Exclusive: Scott Lively urges, 'prevent our common enemies from taking him down'

James Madison

So just what is a high crime and misdemeanor?

Exclusive: Brent Smith uses Madison's words to counter Rep. Amash on impeachment


Amazon device will 'read human emotions'

To help wearer 'interact more effectively with others'

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.

State Department: We didn't OK Feinstein's meeting with Iranian minister

Senator claimed she had permission to dine with nuclear-deal negotiator

Deal of the Day


'Powerful,' 'uplifting' film: 'Alone Yet Not Alone'

Incredible true story about American pioneer families' total reliance on God